The sound of a keenly sharpened plane neatly removing a translucent shaving from the edge of a board allowing it to finally slide seamlessly into its new home.  The warm feel of a smooth wood surface and soft edges leading to a subtle curve.  The scent of camphor or cedar filling the air when a small drawer is opened.  The deep richness of a solid frame and luster of the changing grain patterns in a door panel.

These experiences fill my senses during my wood working and make me happy.  I spend this time creating functional pieces for people to admire and use every day.  I am inspired by iconic designs from previous eras and enjoy reinterpreting their form with beautiful woods and adapting their function to meet modern needs.​

I am a recent graduate of The Krenov School (formerly The College of The Redwoods) in Fort Bragg, California, Class of 2017, 2018.  I am accepting commissions and continuing to develop my skills in the Bay Area.

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